Looking for BOLDER Brows?

If you love the look of thick, bold brows but are having trouble achieving them, you may want to give Latisse—the popular prescription product that changed the eyelash game—a try. Dr. Baroody carries Latisse in our Danbury, CT office. We frequently run promotions involving free samples!   “Latisse is safe […]

Top 4 Non-Surgical Procedures for Men

As more and more men seemingly flock to hop on the beauty bandwagon year-over-year, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that more of them are seeking out a variety of cosmetic procedures to enhance or rejuvenate their looks.   Today, it is fairly common for men to invest in aesthetic […]

All About Your EYES

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, we want to keep them in tip-top shape right? No one wants their soul-windows to have wrinkly droopy curtains and look like they’re in desperate need of a dusting.   Depending on lifestyle and other factors, the eyes can be one […]

SkinMedica’s Beloved Pigment-Erasing Cream Just Got a Major Upgrade

A few years ago, SkinMedica launched Lytera, a skin-brightening complex that became a blessing for those with stubborn pigmentation and discoloration that weren’t too keen on using hydroquinone. The product works to reduce the look of discoloration, dark spots and dullness and has been positioned as an alternative to hydroquinone. […]