Eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty) is a procedure to both sculpture fat and remove excess skin from the upper and lower eyelids. Eyelid surgery may correct drooping upper lids and puffy bags below your eyes. However, it will not remove crow’s feet or other wrinkles, eliminate dark circles under your eyes, or lift sagging […]

Cheek Lift

As people age, the effects of gravity, exposure to the sun, and the stresses of daily life alter their faces. Fat from the cheeks descend causing deep creases between the nose and mouth.  A cheek lift raises the cheek fat pads giving a more youthful appearance.  Alternative non-surgical alternatives include injections with […]

Chin Augmentation

  Chin surgery, also known as mentoplasty, is a surgical procedure to reshape the chin either by enhancement with an implant or reduction surgery on the bone. Many times Dr. Baroody may recommend chin surgery to a patient having nose surgery in order to achieve facial proportion, as the size of the chin […]