Ten things people can do to maintain their youth

The blog below is copied from work by Manish Shah, MD | Denver, CO Wednesday, August 5, 2020- ASPS   The word “prejuvenation” is new to most people. It basically refers to things we can do for ourselves when we are young to maintain our youth. Some of these things […]

Cosmetic Surgery

Dr. Baroody is a board- certified plastic surgeon in Danbury, Connecticut. We have patients come in from all over Connecticut and New York for surgery, injectables, lasers and more. Dr. Baroody is currently booking surgery at Orthopaedic and Specialty Surgery Center in Danbury, Connecticut. This beautiful surgery center is less […]

5 Things to Know About Botox

View this post on Instagram Interested in learning more about BOTOX? • • Dr. Baroody offers free injectable consultations for new patients or existing patients who want to see if they could benefit from Botox or filler injections! 💉 • • #botox #botoxcosmetic #filler #juvederm #plasticsurgery #plasticsurgeon #connecticut #wrinkles #injectables […]