2022 Plastic Surgery Statistics

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons has released their 2022 statistics! See what the top 5 surgical and top 5 non surgical treatments were for 2022!! Have any questions on these procedures? Give us a call and set up a consultation with Dr. Michael Baroody- a member of ASPS!

July Promotion: The BEST Botox Promo of the Year!

July 27, 2023 will be our one-day-only Botox promotion day! That means you save 20% on Botox (or 25% if you receive over 50 units!!). This is our biggest savings of the year; and  you CAN combine it with Alle rewards coupons!    We still have some morning & afternoon […]

Which Breast Procedure is Right for You?

Why do people get breast surgery? In most cases, people get breast surgery to change or enhance their breast shape. This can involve implants to increase the size and change the contour. Sometimes, however, patients opt for a reduction to improve their body proportions. What types of breast surgery are […]