Ear Reshaping

Ear reshaping, or Otoplasty, is usually performed to set prominent ears back closer to the head or to reduce the size of large ears.  For the most part, the operation is done on children between the ages of four and 14. Ears are almost fully grown by age four, and the earlier […]

Procedures For Brides

Preview the timeline of procedures you need to get ready for your big day.  Spring is typically the time of year when brides and grooms finalize their wedding plans with last-minute details of menu, flowers, seating arrangements and, of course, “The Dress.” Just as important as “The Dress” is looking […]

Silicone vs. Saline

  Below are the differences of silicone vs. saline.   Silicone Saline Fill Type A safe cohesive silicone gel A salt water solution close to the type found in the human body Feel Soft to the touch which feels more like natural breast tissue Less like natural breast Increased risk of wrinkling and rippling Incision Requires […]

Male Breast Reduction

Gynecomastia, a condition of over-developed or enlarged breasts in men, is common in men of any age. It can be the result of hormonal changes, heredity conditions, disease or the use of certain drugs. Gynecomastia can cause emotional discomfort and impair your self-confidence. Some men may even avoid certain physical […]