The Most Discreet Procedures

Recovery times, complications, and all other aspects of cosmetic procedures are not to be taken lightly. Surgery is a commitment. Those of us new to plastic surgery may think that achieving a big aesthetic change requires a major procedure… Not necessarily.   Here are some relatively minor procedures that can create a major impact.   […]

Introducing… DermaSculpt Microcannula

Developed in France, this microcannula is truly revolutionizing the way Dr. Baroody is performing facial filler injections! Typical fillers may leave swelling and bruising after the injection. DermaSculpt™ uses non-bruising, extra smooth microcannulas so fillers can be injected into the skin with no anesthesia and little to no pain. With DermaSculpt™, the same […]

Plastic Surgery: Not Just For Women

Attention fellas: Plastic surgery isn’t just for the ladies anymore. In fact, it hasn’t been for a while but male-centric options are just now beginning to go mainstream. While male-focused procedures may not make the headlines as frequently, they are certainly available if you feel like it’s time for some […]

Considering Injectables?

In the quest for smoother and younger-looking skin, getting cosmetic injections has become a very popular option. If you’re looking to get injectables for the first time, here are five things to keep in mind before you go. (Dr. Baroody offers complimentary consultations for injectables, to let you know what […]