Dr. Baroody offers “Botox/ Juvederm Parties”, where you and your friends can come enjoy a day/ evening learning more about our treatments and products, AND receiving a discount on our most popular injectables!

  • Located in our Danbury office on Kenosia Avenue
  • No alcohol may be consumed prior to your injections
  • No aspirin, anti-inflammatory medications (Advil, Aleve, etc), or vitamins at least 10 days prior to the injections (taking these medications may increase your risk of bruising)
  • The entire group must receive their injectable treatments at the same time to be eligible for the group discount
  • Bring food/ drinks to enjoy while friends are getting their treatment

Interested in getting more information for you & your friends? Inquire today & we can help you plan! 
Take a look at our most recent gathering:


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