Botox: The Simple Solution for a Gummy Smile

An ear-to-ear grin can light up a room, but when it exposes too much pink gum when you’re doing it — even if you have white, straight, healthy-looking teeth — chances are you’re not smiling about it. A gummy smile is caused by the relationship of the gums to the lip, and the underlying maxilla, also known as the facial bones. “Normal visible gum tissue varies from person-to-person but 2mm or less is considered good, though there are some tooth models that look great with more than 2mm of gum show.”
Many issues may cause a gummy smile. These include but are not limited to:

  • a hyperactive upper lip muscle
  • excessive gum tissue
  • a short upper lip
  • small teeth

If you have excessive ‘gumminess’, and your smile is less than it should be, there’s no reason you need to grin and bear it. There are loads of options available to correct this condition, but the first step is a Dr. Baroody, who can determine the cause of your gummy smile and advise you of the best and least invasive procedure for your particular circumstance.
Botox relaxes muscles of the face which in turn reduce or eliminate the severity of the overlying skin wrinkles.  Botox does nothing to the actual skin, but by decreasing the activity of the muscle, the skin becomes smooth.  Dr. Baroody is highly-skilled in advanced Botox injection techniques. Areas that may improve with Botox injections include wrinkles between the eyes, forehead, crow’s feet (next to the eye), upper nose (“bunny lines”), lips, and the corners of the mouth. Botox can help fix your smile!
A “gummy smile” can cause someone to feel self-conscious and dissatisfied with their appearance. Fortunately, there’s no need to suffer in silence or perfect your closemouthed smile. Call today to schedule a complimentary injectable consultation with Dr. Baroody, who will be able to diagnose the problem correctly and discuss all available options with you. Now that’s something to smile about!

Information collected by Smart Beauty Guide and Dr. Baroody

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