Fight Aging

The most blatant signs of aging are those that appear on our skin. Wrinkles, sun spots and other blemishes can betray your looks and make you appear older than you actually are. To keep facial lines and skin woes at bay, keep in mind these important tips:
Start early
The best way to prevent wrinkles is to begin a healthy skin regimen early. Most people begin to see signs of aging on their skin by the time they reach their 30s, so prevention efforts must start when you’re in your teens and 20s. Daily moisturizing, washing your face and using plenty of sunscreen every time you go outside (yes, even in the winter) are the best ways you can keep yourself from getting wrinkles at a young age.
It’s time to quit
According to the Mayo clinic, the chemicals found in cigarettes are known to speed up the aging process. If you’ve been smoking for a decade or longer, you can bet that the habit will have an impact on your looks. Nicotine causes the blood vessels in your top layer of skin to narrow, which impedes blood flow. Your skin needs blood to maintain its smoothness and shine. Additionally, tobacco smoke will damage some of the necessary fibers in your body, known as collagen and elastin. Finally, pursing your lips to suck on a cigarette and squinting your eyes in the smoke cause wrinkles because of the repetitive motion.
Change your plate
Believe it or not, but the foods you put in your body have a big impact on your skin quality. Yogurt for breakfast is a great way to boost your protein, which can help ward off wrinkles. Stick to Greek yogurt, as it has a higher amount of this nutrient. Certain fruits and vegetables make a difference too – pomegranates and peppers are great for your skin thanks to the age-defying antioxidants they contain. You can even have a little dessert, since dark chocolate is known to improve skin quality. That’s why you’ll see some lotions that contain cocoa as an ingredient.
Too late?
If wrinkles have already begun to form, you should still practice these healthy skin habits. However, you may need to visit with a board-certified plastic surgeon to “turn back the clock” and undo some of the damage. Laser skin resurfacing, microdermabrasion and chemical peels can help revitalize your skin on your face, neck and hands. Facial fillers can fill in deep creases in the face and hands, while Botox will stop the wrinkles you already have from getting any deeper.

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Information above provided by Smart Beauty Guide

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