Fix Your Aging Eyes!

Your facial structure, genetics, the damage done from years of sun exposure and a too-lax skincare regimen all play a part in how the eye area ages. Fine lines and wrinkles, discoloration under-eye baggage, and drooping eyelids are all common symptoms of eyes that may be giving away more info than you necessarily want them to.
The first step is for those of you who are just starting to see evidence of aging around the delicate eye area, and it is simple prevention: invest in eye cream. Not just any eye cream, mind you. You need a souped up product to help encourage your skin’s natural ability to produce hyaluronic acid, reduce dark circles and puffiness, and prevent fine lines and wrinkles. Dr. Baroody recommends SkinMedica’s TNS Eye Repair to reduce the signs of aging.
Those of you in the more advanced stages of “oh-my-god-what’s-happening-to-my-eyes” might benefit from the many advances in non-invasive cosmetic procedures. For instance, did you know that well-placed injections of Botox can help relax the muscles that cause crows feet, making wrinkles around your eyes less pronounced? It’s true. Dr. Baroody also uses hyaluronic acid fillers like Juvederm to help camouflage under-eye bags by filling in the hollows under the eye, while dark circles can also be improved through the use of chemical peels and IPL (Intense Pulsed Light). Dr. Baroody can help determine which non-invasive treatments can help make your eyes look younger.
And what of those ladies fighting with a saggy brow or hooded upper-eyelid? Yes, there’s hope there too. Dr. Baroody might suggest a brow lift to correct a sagging brow line and re-establish the shape and placement of the eye. An upper blepharoplasty surgery can also help remove the extra skin of a sagging upper eyelid, tightening the area and opening the eye up.
The truth is, no two eyes age the same, which means that no one procedure or treatment is right for everyone. What’s great about the many advances in cosmetic plastic surgeryis that there is help for many of the signs of aging that come creeping around your peepers. Call today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Baroody and find out which treatment is right for you and your eyes!

* Information above provided by Dr. Baroody and Smart Beauty Guide

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