Just Found Your First Fine Lines?

We all know that aging is inevitable, but when we find our first fine line, our basic instinct is to panic. No need to freak out though! Here is what we can do to keep these small lines from becoming full-fledged wrinkles.
Use a Good Moisturizer
While it can’t get rid of fine lines altogether, a good moisturizer can keep skin hydrated and certainly minimize their appearance. You should go a step further and use one with sunscreen protection so sun damage doesn’t make things worse. Sun damage can certainly cause more wrinkles and lines at an earlier age. At Baroody Plastic Surgery we have multiple moisturizers with and without sunscreen to help you keep your skin looking healthy and refreshed. Check out our SkinMedica products here!
Explore In-Office Treatments
If you’re looking for more of a permanent fix, getting an injectable like Botox is your best bet. “Botox and related agents can help prevent wrinkles in the first place by decreasing or stopping movement of muscles of facial expression.” Even if you haven’t seen your first wrinkle, this in-office procedure can also be used as a preventive measure. Chemical peels can also help. We carry three levels of SkinMedica Peels- schedule a consultation with Dr. Baroody today to see which peel is right for you!
When fine lines and wrinkles really make the mark later on, there are solutions for that, too. Resurfacing lasers and dermal fillers can help smooth those etched-in lines for younger-looking skin!

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Information above collected by NewBeauty and Dr. Michael Baroody.

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