Lashes, Lashes and MORE LASHES!

Latisse is MY FAVORITE product! I started off with pretty long, dark lashes; but the results of using Latisse are astonishing! All of my friends think I have fake eyelashes on. I have convinced many of them to try the product, because I love it so much. I used it every night for about 6 weeks and saw wonderful results. Now, I use it about three times a week to keep my lashes looking long, dark and full.


I also know many people who use it on their eyebrows. It helps fill in those areas that have been over-plucked or over-waxed; and they couldn’t be happier!


It is easy to use, more affordable than fake eyelashes, and you can pick it up any time in our Danbury Office!


*Another important point to mention: I have blue eyes! Many patients have heard that Latisse will turn blue eyes darker. But that is not true! You are not putting the Latisse solution IN your eye; you are brushing it along your upper eyelid- where you would put eyeliner.


I have tried other products in the past, but none compare to the results I have seen with Latisse. 


-Meghan R.


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