Lip Enhancement at Any Age

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If your lips have never been as alluring as you’d like (or aren’t what they once were), here are the best lip enhancement treatments to maintain that youthful pout at any age.
20s: What’s happening: Lip enhancements in your more youthful years seek to remedy natural asymmetry, too-thin lips or that perfectly descriptive “Resting Bitch Face” that can happen when the corners droop down. Thankfully fillers (like Juvederm) can be used to address any of these issues.
30s: The body’s loss of collagen and elastin, and years of drying sun exposure contributes to wrinkles on and around the lips. Again, fillers here can be used to gently alleviate these concerns.
While enhancements in our 20s and 30s are focused on correcting that which nature did not naturally bestow upon us, the focus of enhancements in our 40s, 50s, and beyond is to restore to our previously youthful appearance.
40s: With that in mind, in our 40s treatments are used to counteract even MORE drying and thinning. (Mother Nature, man – she just doesn’t stop.) Laugh lines have become more pronounced, etching grooves into the skin around the lips. And the lip shape itself, as well as areas around the lips, begins to change structurally. The corners of the mouth may become weaker, drawing the mouth — and likely the overall facial expression — down into a frown. Fillers will, well, fill in wrinkles to counteract the appearance of aging and bring fullness back to the other areas surrounding the lips as well.
50s: Overall changes to your entire visage may be morphing the lips even more. So much to look forward to, right? The lack of elasticity in the skin due to the loss of collagen and elastin and incremental drooping that starts mid-face can extend the space between the nose and lips meaning that, with time, the lips themselves have dropped a bit.
60s and Beyond: At this stage, Dr. Baroody will continue reconstructing key areas, including restoring the fullness of the lips and facial structures around the mouth. . Remember too much filler alters your facial anatomy instead of enhancing you.
Our bodies are in a constant state of change. That we can’t control. But whether we’re searching for the perfect lips we once had, or never had in the first place, nonsurgical solutions are as easy as a visit to see Dr. Baroody!
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      It depends on how many syringes of filler you receive. Most patients will receive 1-2 syringes. We offer complimentary consultations for Dr. Baroody to evaluate you. You will receive an exact quote at your first appointment!

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