NewBeauty: 4 Plastic Surgery Myths

When it comes to plastic surgery, you can’t believe everything you hear and see. The Internet is fraught with misinformation, which can make those who are considering a plastic surgery procedure misled when it comes to the facts and putting themselves at potential risk. Always do your homework before you opt for any type of procedure and know what’s reality and what’s completely falsified.

Everything you see on television is the “norm.”
One of the biggest myths in plastic surgery is that what you see on television or reality shows is considered the “norm” and is actually real.  Dr. Baroody wants you to appear natural and rested; not overdone.  On many television and reality shows, any evidence of plastic surgery points to a fake and obviously augmented appearance.
You’re vain if you get plastic surgery.
Just because you want to get a procedure, done doesn’t mean that you are vain, shallow or egotistical—there’s absolutely nothing wrong about correcting something about yourself that bothers you.  “After surgery, patients often feel an overall improvement in not just their appearance, but also their quality of life.”
No matter which procedure you get done, the results will last forever.
Non-surgical procedures have an expected time-line. While many surgical procedures can have more long lasting effects, the most obvious challenge is the fact that we can’t physically stop the aging process. With or without surgery, you will continue to age, so the results may need maintenance over the years.
You have to be rich to get plastic surgery.
So not true! “In this day and age there are a variety of treatments available to patients who are interested in aesthetic changes. For facial rejuvenation, we employ a wide spectrum of treatments ranging from optimization of skin care, laser treatments, facial injectables, and minimally invasive surgery.” “After a thorough consultation for facial analysis, most patients can enjoy a multitude of options that comfortably fit their personal financial budget.” There are also finance options available that allow you to pay off aesthetic procedures over time as opposed to paying out of pocket for a procedure all at once.

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