“It’s a nice time for breast augmentation because of all the options that we have…”


Many patients considering breast augmentation may feel overwhelmed by the plethora of implant options available. The process can be daunting, when faced with a variety of types, textures, shapes, and sizes. Seeing a board-certified plastic surgeon will help eliminate the guesswork and help you reach your desired goals.


Dr. Baroody will have you try on implant sizes to see what implant works best for you! We currently use Mentor Implants and Dr. Baroody will perform your Breast Augmentation at Ridgefield Surgery Center.



Silicone vs. Saline

Below are the differences of silicone vs. saline.


Silicone Saline
Fill Type A safe cohesive silicone gel A salt water solution close to the type found in the human body
Feel Soft to the touch which feels more like natural breast tissue Less like natural breast Increased risk of wrinkling and rippling
Incision Requires a small incision Allows the smallest incision possible
Age 22 years or older 18 years or older
Price A premier option at a higher price A great choice at a lower cost


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