Rave Reviews of SkinMedica’s Retinol Products!

Dr. Baroody carries .5 and 1.0 SkinMedica Retinol in our office and available online through our website! We LOVE SkinMedica products for all of your anti-aging needs. Questions? Feel free to ask us at your next appointment! See below for NewBeauty’s reviews of the product!

“This is my go-to retinol because it contains ingredients designed to reduce the harsh effects sometimes associated with the use of retinol. If you do suffer some initial dryness or irritation, just back off for a night or two. You can also spot treat blemishes with it. For the timid, there’s the Retinol Complex 0.25  strength, and for those who fear not when it comes to beauty, Retinol Complex 1.0  is made just for you!” –Lori Phoenix, aesthetics nurse at Dr. Joseph Russo
“I love this formula because it allows you to build up your skin’s tolerance to the ingredient. It’s buffered with gentle anti-inflammatory, inactive ingredients that do not dry out skin. It’s a creamy formulation, which makes it less irritating, and it moisturizes skin, so it doesn’t flake or peel.” –Anita Sun Eisenberg, medical aesthetician and founder of Dermovia
“I now rarely prescribe Retin-A, but rather have my patients use this SkinMedia Retinol. It’s a medical-grade product with less side effects than a prescription, allowing patients to be more compliant. The brand’s range of retinol allows patients to start low and increase the dosage as their skin tolerates. It’s a product for all skin types to enhance skin tone and texture and diminish fine lines.” –Melissa Haloossim, nurse practioner and founder of Skin Thesis, West Hollywood

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