12.14 Foundation

Have you heard about Dr. Baroody’s foundation? 


The 12.14 Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering well-being in children by instilling grit and resilience through a character development program coupled with high-level mastery experiences. Imagine a world where people see themselves and others in terms of strengths rather than weaknesses; where we focus on commonalities rather than differences; where society values the achievement of overall well-being above all others.





NewArts provides students with a mastery experience in the performing arts for children of all levels and aptitudes. The performances are the culmination of weeks of challenging efforts; they tangibly demonstrate to the students the extraordinary results of their own hard work. NewArts was developed by a team led by Michael Unger, our artistic director. The team includes Broadway-level professionals including Tony Award winners and nominees spanning all aspects of theater production. The theater community brings a sense of openness and support into the mastery program and also places the highest standards for rigorous rehearsal processes and staged theatrical productions.


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