Breast Reduction: Is it Right for You?


Pain Relief
The fact is, breast reduction surgery works to relieve back and neck pain related to hypertrophy of the breasts, and patients are grateful.

The amount of breast tissue removed varies by the size of the patient, so in smaller-framed women, usually less is removed – they are just proportionally smaller – but usually the final cup size is a “happy medium” – not too small and not too large. This is something that each patient will discuss with Dr. Baroody, who will do his best to get to the desired cup size.
Breast Reduction Procedure
Most of the time this operation can be done as an outpatient procedure, so in other words, you do not stay over night at the hospital. And the recovery is not too bad; usually a few weeks of resting off of work and heavy exercise, but many patients are able to do desk work at home. The exact type of scar depends on the type of reduction, but in general they all heal very nicely, and most patients consider the scar a fair trade off for the relief from their back and neck pain. Dr. Baroody will discuss the scarring and procedure at your first consultation appointment.


Breast Reduction for Teens
Teens are a special category of patients who get breast reduction. It is safe and effective for these women also, and because they are usually quite healthy, they bounce back from surgery quicker. Often these young ladies are involved sports and are greatly hindered by the large size of their breasts. Due to the extra physical exertion and stress on their bodies they can have neck and back pain at a much younger age. Teens who proceed with breast reduction are lucky to have an operation that will change their lives in such a positive way!
Taking Action
If you are experiencing back and neck pain, and think a breast reduction might be an option, please call 203.790.5700 and we can schedule your first consultation with Dr. Michael Baroody. 


Information above provided by American Society of Plastic Surgeons & Dr. Baroody

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