Introducing: “Meet Our Patients”! (Breast Reduction)

BREAST REDUCTION PATIENT     Q: Was Baroody Plastic Surgery the only practice you sought a medical opinion from? If not, how did your experience compare to other offices?   A: I went to two different doctors before deciding to have surgery. I live in New York but was looking somewhere […]

Why Wait?

The most common phrase I hear after a patient has surgery is “I wish I didn’t wait this long”.   Typically, patients have considered their procedure for months and years. The first step is to come in for a consultation to meet with Dr. Baroody. He will let you know […]

Breast Reduction: Is it Right for You?

  Pain Relief   The fact is, breast reduction surgery works to relieve back and neck pain related to hypertrophy of the breasts, and patients are grateful. The amount of breast tissue removed varies by the size of the patient, so in smaller-framed women, usually less is removed – they […]

Youthful Face or Body?

Would it surprise you to learn that women prefer a younger looking face over a more youthful looking body? Those were the findings of a small sample group in a study funded by the cosmetic injectables company Allergan, best known for BOTOX or botulinum toxin type A.   While we may ultimately […]