Introducing: “Meet Our Patients”! (Breast Reduction)


Q: Was Baroody Plastic Surgery the only practice you sought a medical opinion from? If not, how did your experience compare to other offices?
A: I went to two different doctors before deciding to have surgery. I live in New York but was looking somewhere in Connecticut. Both Dr. Baroody and the other doctor recommended the same procedure. I could tell pretty immediately that I was going to choose Dr. Baroody. Since I was choosing to have the surgery, I wanted to be sure that I like the staff and office, and felt comfortable. I’m definitely happy with my decision!
Q: What was your biggest fear about having surgery?
A: I had never had surgery before….  I was definitely worried about the pain. Surgery isn’t something you do every day, but the surgery center was very clean and everyone was really nice.
Q: How long did it take to fully recover and feel like yourself again?
A: The day of surgery I just napped and laid in bed. The day after surgery was the most uncomfortable day, but after that it got much better every day. I continued to take pain killers for a few days at night to help me sleep- but I think I expected the pain to last a lot longer. 
Q: Would you choose to have this procedure again, knowing what it entails pre-operatively and post-operatively?
A: 100%. This was one of the best decisions I have made. From working out to buying clothes- it completely changed my everyday life.

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