Why Wait?

The most common phrase I hear after a patient has surgery is “I wish I didn’t wait this long”.

Typically, patients have considered their procedure for months and years. The first step is to come in for a consultation to meet with Dr. Baroody. He will let you know if you are a candidate for a procedure, and take time to answer questions and provide information.
I love hearing patients say they wish they didn’t wait this long. It means a multitude of things: that they are happy they had the procedure; that they are happy with the results; and most importantly that they are happy they chose Baroody Plastic Surgery. We aim to give patients the best experience from the moment they call to schedule the consultation to the one-year post operative check up.

So don’t wait.

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Baroody today and let us help you enjoy the results you are looking for!


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