New Technique for Eyelid Surgery!

“Pinch Blepharoplasty


In general, there are two different concerns most people have during consultations for lower eyelid surgery; one being the fullness (or bags under the eyes) and the second being excess skin.  There are various techniques I use to address these concerns which are tailored for each person.  When there are a number of issues requiring correction, the surgery required typically results in more swelling and scarring in the early postoperative period.  These procedures that improve the fullness, as well as remove excess skin, also carries a significant risk of temporarily pulling the lower eyelid down due to early scarring.


I have now added a new technique named the “Pinch Bleparoplasty,” that decreases the risk of complications after surgery and results in correction in both the eyelid fullness as well as the excess skin- giving a more youthful appearance.  I have been very happy with the results!

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